A strictly linear game, that contained a fairly decent variety of puzzles, although they weren’t that great in number. They were perfectly logical, solvable and enjoyable. Unfortunately for us we just fell into a rhythm and flew through them all, getting the answers and sailing through.

The puzzles ranged from physical, to logic, observation and word. There is something for each team member to do within the game and it will surely appeal to a lot of people.

The flow of the game was excellent, as good as in the Theft from the Laboratory, as it was so linear each puzzle seamlessly led to the next and there was never any discrepancy on which lock to input a code into. There was good use of tech in the room, with it all being used in a manner that complimented the theme and time period. An excellent introductory room, newbies will have fun… enthusiasts… try one of their harder rated rooms!

The aim of the game was to free each team member to escape.
There was no logic in the puzzles (maybe save for the very first puzzle) and this meant that whilst Ian and Sam got released fairly early, Jamie was cuffed for approx 50 minutes and I was cuffed for the entire hour (thank god for those Velcro cuffs) The entire game took place in the light of a black-light, which after 60 minutes is quite headache inducing.

The host occasionally laughed as he was just sat outside the door, at one point we were asking for a clue and were told “you’re not allowed hints” – then after asking and asking, explaining what we had left to open we were given a clue for a lock we had already opened….