A version of the normally dormant Chronos virus has mutated, becoming deadly, resulting in the death of any living thing it comes into contact with. This pandemic has decimated the human populace and plunged modern society into chaos. After several failed attempts at finding a cure it is now time to activate the last resort.

The Powers That Govern, a mysterious secret society, have enlisted you to pilot a machine developed from the collective research of some of the most brilliant minds in history; Da Vinci, Tesla and Einstein. This machine is the final contingency, it will shift you through the voids of space and time…

An open game that is inherently tactile. Getting “stuck in” is almost a requirement of any Escapologic room and Chronos is no exception, physical puzzles lead seamlessly to a more mental contingent which focuses of observation and code breaking (in a way) – all leading to one beautiful satisfying lock that is open, out there and therefore leads you around the room solving the beautiful puzzles and tasks.

Each escape room puzzle was wonderful in itself, having superior Ah-ha moments, and when the penny dropped and the way of solving the puzzle was clear, the execution was excellent, smooth and concise.