Fall is an interesting time of year in many workplaces. While it’s a popular time to launch new projects and bring on new people, it’s also a time when busyness can sap your employees’ energy. Keep in mind that while you’re ramping up initiatives in the office, things are also gearing up in people’s personal lives like school activities and sports. How can you keep your workforce engaged and excited so they’ll perform and produce through the end of the year?

For many companies, holding an event or outing is a key way to keep employees invested and energized about the task at hand. If you’re interested in planning something special for your team, consider going to an escape room! Room Escape Adventures has just the ticket at our Columbus, Chicago, and Dallas locations.

Experts agree that variety is one of the best ways to build employee engagement. Instead of ordering in lunch or handing out gift cards, try giving your team an experience. Just as with any type of gift giving, experiences tend to be remembered long after a traditional gift starts gathering dust. Booking an outing to an escape room game is innovative and unique. Your employees will have a fun story to tell afterwards and will likely speak positively about your business to their family and friends. Plus, going to an escape room has the added bonus of corporate team building.

Are you ready to boost your business this fall? Come to Room Escape Adventures and watch your team take things to the next level!