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How it works? Can you escape in 60 minutes? Yes, you’re reading this correctly. We lock you up! Your team (2-7 players) enters the room and the door closes behind you. Yes, you’re reading this correctly, you will be locked up! Our script is written in a way that makes it possible to escape and enters the room. Your team (2-7 players) enters the room and the door closes behind you.


In this 60 minutes activity, the team experiences a live escape room game. Players get the opportunity to show analytic, communicational and organizational skills. Logical thinking under high pressure en thinking outside the box are crucial. Time is ticking….


There’s no way you can win the game without a team. De rooms are smartly designed to make sure you need a team to succeed. Be aware that it can be almost impossible to escape if your team is too small!. The phenomenon Escaperoom is one of the greatest team building experiences ever created.


Solve puzzles, find clues, show your skills and discover how strange objects must be used to escape. Items can seem very unimportant, but might be the key to proceed. “Should i have moved that?”. “What if…?”. Analyse, evaluate, solve and eventually you’ll find the exit… Right? Right???

Who can play? Will you escape room to escape? Are you ready to start now? Our Mysterious Rooms – Four mysterious and over thrilling rooms! How will you choose?”


If you’re visiting Croatia this summer, especially it’s capital Zagreb, be sure to visit our friends at Cluego Room Escape Zagreb! They currently have two escape rooms, The Mona Lisa Heist and Memento. We guarantee you’ll have a blast and an unforgettable experience there and we’ll even set you up with a discount! Feel free to check out their Facebook page.


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